The following is a timeline for the rebooted James Bond series starring Daniel Craig.

It features the three movies released so far (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall), as well as a tentative placement for the next film (Devil May Care). It also features the three Craig-era related video games (Goldeneye - Reloaded, Blood Stone, and 007 - Legends).

One quick note: Casino Royale is firmly placed in 2006, and Quantum of Solace occurs immediately afterwards. However a date in Quantum of Solace shows the date as being 2008. This is a production error and likely due to wanting to set the film in "current time", since QoS was released in 2008. However, I'm keeping it as 2006 as Casino Royale was firmly set in that year.

The first column lists the media entry. The films are in bold black text and the video games are in bold red text. The second column lists the dates/year those entries occur, and the third column lists the type of media.


007 - Casino Royale July 5 - August 4, 2006 AD DVD
007 - Quantum of Solace August 4 - 26, 2006 AD DVD
007 - Goldeneye:  Reloaded February 28 - March 6, 2010 AD Video Game
007 - Blood Stone July 14 - 22, 2010 AD Video Game
007 - Legends (2007 - 2011)  July - November, 2012 AD Video Game
007 - Skyfall July - November, 2012 AD DVD
007 - Devil May Care 2015 ?? DVD