Metroid Timeline (2)

The following is a timeline/chronology of the Metroid video game series.

It includes all Metroid games released so far (except Metroid Prime Pinball, since that just adapts the story of the original Metroid Prime game into pinball form; and the original Metroid, since that's replaced with Metroid - Zero Mission, which adapts and expands the story of the original with better graphics). The games are listed in bold black text.

It also includes the two volume Metroid manga released in Japan (English translations are available online), which is considered canon. It does not include the Samus and Joey manga since those are considered non-canon and don't fit the tone of the series overall. There are a number of other older comic adaptations of some of the games published in Nintendo Power in the early 1990's that aren't included, since they tell no original stories and merely adapt and compact the story presented in the games.

The first column is the media entry, the second column is the year it takes place in (any flashbacks are placed in parentheses), and the third is the type of media and what Nintendo consoles the game is available for.

Regarding the Years utilized, it follows the approach established by utilizing a letter in date to maintain ambiguity.




Metroid - Volume 1 20W8 - 20X1 CC Manga  (Volume 1)
Metroid - Volume 2 20X1 - 20X5 CC Manga  (Volume 2)
Metroid - Zero Mission 20X5 CC Gameboy Advance
Metroid Prime 20X6 CC GameCube
Metroid Prime - Hunters 20X6 CC DS
Metroid Prime 2 - Echoes 20X7 CC GameCube
Metroid Prime 3 - Corruption 20X8 CC Wii
Metroid Prime - Federation Force 20X8 CC 3DS
Metroid II - Return of Samus 20X9 CC Gameboy
Super Metroid 20X9 CC Super Nintendo
Metroid - Other M (20W8 / 20X3 / 20X9 CC)  20Y0 CC Wii
Metroid Fusion 20Y1 CC Gameboy Advance